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armour enrrgy Limited
Welcome to Armour Energy Limited
We Invest In The Future Of Planet!
We endeavor to provide fast and knowledgeable service in renewable energy
armour enrrgy Limited
We are active player in Energy Industry
Energize Society By Reliable Energy!
As a world wide Energy consulting and provider , we are available for your energy project
We offer Renewable Energy Solutions
We provide Consultancy and Advice in the energy sector across the value chain
We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy systems. With our innovative technologies, we energize society, that’s our aim!

We have provided Consultancy and Advice to a number of companies in the energy sector across the value chain. We have provided advice on on renewables in Nigeria and off-grid solutions too. We have an excellent relationship with the Regulator and other key stakeholders. Nigerian energy production per capita is the lowest in Africa. The sector which is in its transitional phase has numerous challenges. The Government has embarked on a Energy Recovery Program to stimulate the industry and attract investment.

Ade Alawode
We are Global Energy Solution Company
Energize Society With Sustainable And Reliable Energy Systems!

Armour Energy has been operating out of London since 2010 and provides specialist consultancy services in the midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas business. As the pressures on the sector intensify,

We are at the forefront of the industry's changing landscape helping key players across the spectrum to develop and improve their services.
We have built a focused and responsive multi-disciplinary team tailored to the industry's rapidly changing, increasingly competitive environment.

Green Energy
The energy of the future is one of our priority. we provide assessment, provisioning and expert advisory on renewable energy.
Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
We invest in E&P companies, E&P related Oil service companies, and Renewable Energy companies.
Pipeline Solution
We provide a comprehensive range of filters, strainers, and filtration packages. Backed by a quality assured design and manufacturing team.
Risk Management
We provide market intelligence and business risk management solutions for investors wishing to participate in the natural resource sectors of the Nigerian economy.
Oil Trading
We are Principal Product Market Traders that operate in the International marketplace as buyers, sellers and distributors of Refined Petroleum Products and Crude Oil.
Oil Services
Armour Energy provides a wide range of services that focuses on renewable Energy
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we measure our success by the success of our clients

We have built a focused and responsive multi-disciplinary team tailored to the industry changing and competitive environment. Our international energy consultants understand the dynamics of change in the competitive regulated landscape.

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