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Renewable Energy
At Armour Energy Limited, we have unlocked the potentials and opportunities in renewable energy

Armour Energy provides a comprehensive range of filters, strainers, and filtration packages. Backed by a quality assured design and manufacturing team, Armour can address virtually all filtration requirements for process applications
Many projects require a large number of these specialty items, which individually may not be of large value but can be onerous and costly in procurement administration. With our excellent manufacturing support, we can put these products into manageable, cost-effective packages and provide the technical and commercial support needed. Our subsea range consists of: Special Flanges - Anchor /Compact/Swivel Ring; Forged Pipes; Hub Connectors; Barred Tees, Piggable Wyes; Buckle Arresters; J Lay Collars; Special Elbows; Nozzle & Wafer Check Valves. .